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3rd Stimulus Payment

Who is eligible for the third stimulus check?

The $1,400-per-person payments will be made to adults, children, and for the first time, adult dependents. 

Here’s how much Americans can expect, with eligibility based on 2019 or 2020 income tax data, depending on what the IRS has on hand:

• Eligible for the full $1,400 check: Adults who earned $75,000 or less, married couples who earned $150,000 or less, and heads of household who earned $112,500 or less.

• Eligible for a reduced check: Adults who earned between $75,000 and $80,000, married couples who earned between $150,000 and $160,000, and heads of household who earned between $112,500 and $120,000.

• ´╗┐Not eligible: Adults who earned more than $80,000, married couples who earned more than $160,000, and heads of household who earned more than $120,000

An additional $1,400 will be provided for each dependent — including children and adult dependents — with no cap, provided that their guardian makes under the limits above.

Direct deposits are already being sent.   If the IRS does not have your direct deposit info then you will receive a check or debit card like the last round of stimulus payments.   Keep your eye out for the debit card in the mail.